Citizens Speak

Steve Eagleeye
Thank you so much for caring for this community. It’ people like you that lets me know that good still exist in this country. I’m not sure why men like Gov. Snyder have becomes leaders in this land. But, it’s men like Gov. Snyder that shows me how dark men’s hearts have become. Poisoning kids, purposely, as a leader in America makes my heart break. Thank you for YOUR heart to counter the evil that men do. May God have mercy on the souls of men who put money and power above His people.

Rosemary L’Erario
This upset me so much I started a petition on You can view and sign the petition here: Here’s some more information about this petition: Initiate federal action against the Michigan governor & his administration for the poisoning of Flint’s water & people. The State of Michigan, under Gov Rick Snyder switched the source of Flint’s water supply without appropriate safeguards, to save money. It resulted in contamination of the water, with toxic levels of lead. The people of Flint have been poisoned, and the Governor should be held accountable. In addition to a federal action against him and his administration, there is dire, critical and immediate need for the assistance of FEMA and other federal agencies to assist in the cleanup of Flint’s water supply.

Martha Moore
Right on for making this situation a bit better. Thanks for your hard work and caring about these helpless victims of the political ‘leaders’ involved. Shame on them!!

Sina Moll

Paula Rector
I am so happy and proud of all the people who donated and helped to make it safer for the people and especially the children of Flint. What a way to start the year…clean, fresh and healthy.

Effieya Mrsoates Nanc

Ben Hassenger
Thanks for pitching in to help the good folks of Flint who have suffered from this avoidable tragedy. I’d enjoy seeing some photos of the water deliveries and I bet it would help further your cause. I am going to post this link to Rachel Maddow’s page, so get ready for new donations 🙂

Yusef Battle
I am inspired by your commitment to help where you can. I will keep all of Flint residents in my prayers. I have family in Michigan and wouldn’t want this to happen to my worst enemy! I will also pray that justice will prevail concerning the leaders that knowingly allowed this to happen under their watch.

Makeba Miller-Whorton
Thank you so much for delivering water to my mom. With my mom taking care of my granny who is almost 104 it is nearly impossiable to get out to buy more water. So thanks to you that is one less thing she has to worry about. Thanks again you all rock.

Michele Walker
Great job with the Bottles for the Babies Campaign Lanice! Can you all (you, Michael Moore, the doctor and Rachel Maddow) nudge the governor to temporarily relocate the good people of Flint elsewhere until the pipes of Flint are replaced?

Anna Hoffmann
Lancie I caught you on MHP Show! Thank you for your love.